Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Please excuse me while I vent.

Dear Bloggers,

First of all, it's been a really crazy week - Let's just say, I'm completely overwhelmed. As of last week, I was internet-less, car-less, and job-less. AND I haven't been sleeping very well at all because of stress & lots of freakish nightmares. Which, I've so far been able to handle just fine, as I'm within walking-distance of the school, where there's internet, where I can blog, Facebook, study, work on online classes, etc.. All on my own time... & I've been able to make up for some of the sleep I've been lacking.. & well, I've been just really grateful for all of that, really.

HOWEVER... . . . .

Problem #1: Including this week, there are about three weeks left until finals. Meaning makeup work, late work, big assignments, last-minute extra credit, tests, more tests, & final exams. PHEW! If that's not enough to throw the average college student into a crazy whirlwind of stress, I really don't know what to tell you - & you're probably reading the wrong blog.

Problem #2: SOMEHOW, my phone has simply disappeared into thin air.. For a blogging, job-searching, Facebook-crazed, only-form-of-communication-with-anyone maniac like myself, that's a very big deal. Even with 8 of us searching constantly for a good, solid hour (or two..), the phone is still nowhere to be found. Oh, did I mention it's completely dead? Whoops.

Problem #3: While sitting in the Hall of Flags minding my own business (& ordering Cafe Rio online via my delicious free meal card), I apparently left my wallet sitting right there, on the poor little green chair. Or.. Somewhere? I guess that's the problem. It's somewhere, with someone, completely unknown to me. Of course I didn't notice this until a good hour or two after I left that spot, and of course it wasn't there when we went back to look.. So, we're calling Campus Police in the morning & hopefully it will turn up!

So, anyway. You can go ahead and gouge out my eyes, cut off my limbs, & throw me into a pond or something. Feel free.

Okay. That's dramatic. I'm done with the drama, done with the venting - & for those of you still reading, thanks for putting up with this. I still have my computer.. Which, at the moment, is my lifeline. & today I got some REALLY, really good news which I probably wouldn't trade for anything, including internet, my car, my wallet, & my phone. Combined. & of course, really amazing people to keep me sane.. So thank you - Especially to my mom, Brandon, Bekah, & Savannah.. Not to mention the Kasteler fam for looking all over for my phone! Ah! I still have a lot to be happy about, really. It's just been one of those weeks, I s'pose.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, or really anything that anyone would want to read, ever. Next post will be 100x better. Swear on my life.

xo. :)

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  1. Jess you are so amazing. I am sorry for your hard week and I hope things get better. Your positive attitude is inspiring!