Sunday, December 12, 2010

AwkwardFamilyPhotos instead of school work? Yeah, I think so.

As I'm avoiding all things school-related, I decided to blog, instead..

No work, no school.. My to do list said I was supposed to finish a ten page paper, write an extra credit essay, put together a small PowerPoint and email it to my professor, and write some kind of small final paper for my Ethics class. PLUS study for both my Nutrition and Sociology finals AND start (and finish) an academic resume from scratch. Basically none of that happened.. So I thought I'd have better luck the next day..

I thought maybe I'd work on my homework which I was behind on (but not TOO behind that it's impossible..), and then head up to Sandy and do a little Christmas shopping before heading up to Syracuse and then to Ogden for a wedding.. I did NOT do my homework, did NOT do any Christmas shopping.. I picked up the lovely Katy Hunter and we headed to the wedding about half way through the reception.. It was all beautiful! CONGRATS Mr. and Mrs. Brandon and Lindsea Garside! :D After that, it was a little Denny's, Inception, Glee, 4-am-Cake-Making kind of night.. And it was wonderful :)

Then today.. Craziest morning of my life! Warning: When you stay up until almost 6 in the morning making delicious chocolate cakes and reminiscing with some of the greatest people on earth, you may have the tendency to sleep in until noon. Worth it? I think so. When we finally did wake up, I realized I needed to go home and get ready for a mission farewell which was supposed to be at 2:45.. Even with a total of 45 minutes driving-time, I should have had MORE than enough time.. Right??.. If you thought that, you'd be wrong. Mid-drive between Riverdale and Syracuse, I realized my key is broken and I would be locked out of the house because the fam damily was at church.. After a bunch of unanswered phone calls from everyone I could think of who could possibly get me into the house (or at least into a shower!), driving back and forth between Layton and Syracuse twice, checking all doors and windows for ANYTHING unlocked, AND driving to the church (in my pajamas, btw) to see if there was a garage door opener in my mom's car, I sat in the driveway and put a dress on while in my car (really quite typical of me.. I seem to change in the car more than the average human being), and I walked into the church and finally got a key. After all the drama, I TOOK A SHOWER! Greatest moment of my life. And I walked into the church building for Teague's farewell about 5.7 seconds before he began speaking. Good job and best of luck, Elder Sorensen! :D

And now..
I've watched a bunch of Lost episodes and tried to do homework but I've come to the conclusion that Lost marathons, Facebook, and homework before finals week just don't work well together.. So right now, Lost is shut off and I have the John Mayer Pandora station playing in the background.. I honestly sat down to do some major studying before my 7 am Sociology final in the morning, before I realized I have no idea where my study papers are that explain what's on the test. So now I am sitting on the floor surrounded by notebooks, papers, textbooks, and binders, and somehow I ended up writing this dumb post instead.

Thank you, Awkward Family Photos, for making me feel better about myself.. Poor girl with the star on her head, I kind of feel bad for her.. Well. Merry Christmas, ya'll.

On the plus side, it's been a great (nonproductive) weekend. :D


Friday, December 10, 2010


Hey, remember me? I'll spare you the boring details of the past six months since I posted last and I'm not promising these posts will be any more consistent.

As I think about it, my life is just inherently GOOD. I'm so grateful for what I have been given and for the life that I live. I'm starting to recognize the little things that truly make me happy. Beauty honestly surrounds me. I make a whole lot of mistakes, but I'm learning to just open my eyes to all the little things and stop worrying so much about everything else and it seems like my life falls into place a lot better.. Just in general, I am a lot happier that way.

At least for today, this is ME.
  1. I love old movies.
  2. I can recite nearly every line to Remember the Titans.
  3. My heart broke a little when my iPod shattered.
  4. I like spontaneity.
  5. I love to laugh more than anything.
  6. When I get really cold, a spot on my right foot turns purple.
  7. Healthy food makes me really happy.
  8. Audrey Hepburn is my idol.
  9. I get carsick REALLY easily but have never once thrown up because of it.
  10. I love calla lilies.
  11. I'm always up for a good roadtrip.
  12. As of today, December 10, 2010, I have had four birthdays.
  13. I love wearing dresses.
  14. Autumn is my very favorite season. It's beautiful.
  15. I find it hard to resist chocolate oranges around Christmastime.
  16. I like to read gossip magazines, but they are all total crap.
  17. I chew on pens. And straws. A lot.
  18. I honestly LOVE reading.
  19. I'll take a rainstorm over sunshine any day.
  20. I own 23 different swimsuits.
  21. After reading The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, I didn't eat meat for a month.
  22. Any time I can walk barefoot in the grass, I will.
  23. I hate energy drinks.
  24. I am a perfectionist to the extreme.
  25. Cute gloves, scarves, coats, tights, and boots are some of my favorite things about winter.

<3 peace.

P.S. I'm going to have to start taking pictures again. I forget how happy it makes me. :) xox