Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm HOME!!

Hola, everyone!

I don't even know where to start! The trip was absolutely amazing. I learned so much and got so attached to the people (especially the kids) of Bautista Grande.

It was such a wonderful experience -- We helped fund and begin two construction projects: a new bathroom and a well, providing them with a reliable water source as opposed to the rain-catching basins they currently use.

We also were able to teach a LOT in the classrooms (both education AND health lessons), which was SO much fun! The kids are super energetic and it helps us learn directly from them while they learn from us as well. It is always something different and with each grade came new challenges and obstacles to overcome while teaching. While the villagers were down in Chamula for a festival, we stripped the walls and washed and painted the classrooms. It's amazing what a coat of paint can do to a room!

The medical committee had the opportunity to complete a number of projects, one of which was the health fair. Our entire team helped out with booths teaching and demonstrating handwashing, blood pressure, first aid, food safety, toothbrushing, and nutrition. The villagers seemed to be very interested and I know many mothers were especially eager to learn so they could better their lives. What an amazing feeling. Along with the health fair, we also collected heights and weights of gradeschool children to calculate and chart BMIs, handed out hygiene kits, and did eyesight screenings.

Because of the cultural committee's great planning, we taught the children a dance and participated in a flash-mob at the closing ceremonies. The kids had a LOT of fun (and we did too!). We also painted a mural on a wall outside a building in the village. It turned out GREAT and we all were able to participate in the painting.

Microenterprise was able to work hand in hand with a government microfinance group called Ban Chiapas and actually granted a loan to a small business of 7 people who make clothing so they can improve their business.

Along with our work in the village, we had the opportunity to go shopping downtown San Cristobal, where there was a huge open market along with many shops along a pedestrian street. We ate good food (including Domino's Pizza when we started craving familiar American food!), and explored a lot. We had the opportunity to attend a local San Cristobal LDS ward one Sunday (SO cool) and also took a boat ride down Chiapas' Sumidero Canyon. It was pouring down rain, so we were cold, wet, and didn't get to see any crocodiles, but the canyon was GORGEOUS!!

I am SO grateful for this opportunity. I am even thinking of studying global health along with my nutrition degree. Wouldn't that be amazing?


Monday, June 14, 2010

Viva la Mexico!

This is my last quick post before I'm off to finish up a couple posters for the health fair and before I switch my luggage (to a bigger bag.. Go figure). Let me just tell you.. I'm SO stoked for this trip! The only thing I'm honestly truly nervous about is that I'm going to forget something important and I'll be out of the country and unable to have access to them. BUT I'll survive, right? :) Anyway. I'm feeling super blessed to have been given the opportunity to go on this trip and I honestly can't wait for the things I will be able to do down there. It's going to be such an amazing experience. Thank you to all who have helped me reach this goal! Be sure to check out the YouthLINC blog frequently while we're away (June 15-28), as I will be blogging about all our team's adventures and hopefully posting some pictures as well. See ya'll in two weeks!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

If The Shoe Fits, Buy One in Every Color..

Ahh, these shoes! The other day I was at Walmart getting some last-minute things to take to Mexico and I saw these cute little sneakers.. At first I disregarded them because they were little kid sizes.. But then I saw some six's so I decided to try them on just to see! (Oh, did I mention they were $5?) Anyway.. The six's ended up being huge so I tried on some 4's which fit perfectly -- Clearly, the sizing was off. Well, I bought the turquoise ones and wore them right when I got home.. I love them! A few days later, my sister went and found the same shoes, but this time for $3.. Naturally, I went back and bought two more pairs! I have a feeling these shoes are going to be my lifesaver while in Mexico... :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Things I Wish I Owned!

First of all, I'm totally a dress person -- But not because I like to dress up.. I just think they're comfortable and I like them a lot better. Thank goodness for blogging because these Anthropolgie dresses are WAY out of my budget at the moment.. But I love to look at them! ;)

I want one of these. Seriously though, how cool would it be to ride one of these great Velorbis bikes around town? I would definitely get more exercise because I would want to be on it ALL the time. AND they both have that cute basket on the front! Too bad I don't have $1,895 to spend on a bike. I can dream, right?

Also on my list of things I would love to justify buying are a pair of TOMS. Every time I see someone wearing a pair I realize how much I want some! And I still don't own any. Maybe I'll have to own some. Soon. Scratch that -- I WILL own some soon! :)

Drum roll, please!

I've FINALLY entered into the world of blogging! I'm still finding my way around this thing but I'm excited to finally have started that long-awaited blog of mine! I'm leaving for Chiapas, Mexico on a humanitarian trip this Tuesday and so I'll be absent for about two weeks but then I'm hoping to create the best darn blog this side of Blogger. . . :)

However, while we're in Mexico I'll be updating the YouthLINC blog (HOPEFULLY daily) about all the awesome things we're up to down there so be sure to check it out over the next couple weeks!