Saturday, June 12, 2010

Things I Wish I Owned!

First of all, I'm totally a dress person -- But not because I like to dress up.. I just think they're comfortable and I like them a lot better. Thank goodness for blogging because these Anthropolgie dresses are WAY out of my budget at the moment.. But I love to look at them! ;)

I want one of these. Seriously though, how cool would it be to ride one of these great Velorbis bikes around town? I would definitely get more exercise because I would want to be on it ALL the time. AND they both have that cute basket on the front! Too bad I don't have $1,895 to spend on a bike. I can dream, right?

Also on my list of things I would love to justify buying are a pair of TOMS. Every time I see someone wearing a pair I realize how much I want some! And I still don't own any. Maybe I'll have to own some. Soon. Scratch that -- I WILL own some soon! :)


  1. Carson bought me a pair of TOMS:) They are THEE best!! I want more for sure. Let's go get some, shall we?

  2. Ah no way! I really want some so bad. I found out about them like forever ago before everyone started wearin them and I STILL don't have any! So yes! Let's get some. :)