Friday, December 10, 2010


Hey, remember me? I'll spare you the boring details of the past six months since I posted last and I'm not promising these posts will be any more consistent.

As I think about it, my life is just inherently GOOD. I'm so grateful for what I have been given and for the life that I live. I'm starting to recognize the little things that truly make me happy. Beauty honestly surrounds me. I make a whole lot of mistakes, but I'm learning to just open my eyes to all the little things and stop worrying so much about everything else and it seems like my life falls into place a lot better.. Just in general, I am a lot happier that way.

At least for today, this is ME.
  1. I love old movies.
  2. I can recite nearly every line to Remember the Titans.
  3. My heart broke a little when my iPod shattered.
  4. I like spontaneity.
  5. I love to laugh more than anything.
  6. When I get really cold, a spot on my right foot turns purple.
  7. Healthy food makes me really happy.
  8. Audrey Hepburn is my idol.
  9. I get carsick REALLY easily but have never once thrown up because of it.
  10. I love calla lilies.
  11. I'm always up for a good roadtrip.
  12. As of today, December 10, 2010, I have had four birthdays.
  13. I love wearing dresses.
  14. Autumn is my very favorite season. It's beautiful.
  15. I find it hard to resist chocolate oranges around Christmastime.
  16. I like to read gossip magazines, but they are all total crap.
  17. I chew on pens. And straws. A lot.
  18. I honestly LOVE reading.
  19. I'll take a rainstorm over sunshine any day.
  20. I own 23 different swimsuits.
  21. After reading The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, I didn't eat meat for a month.
  22. Any time I can walk barefoot in the grass, I will.
  23. I hate energy drinks.
  24. I am a perfectionist to the extreme.
  25. Cute gloves, scarves, coats, tights, and boots are some of my favorite things about winter.

<3 peace.

P.S. I'm going to have to start taking pictures again. I forget how happy it makes me. :) xox


  1. You are amazing. I love this post!

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  3. Beautiful are "inside" and "out". You inspire me.

  4. Thank you Kelly, I've just had good examples.. ;)

  5. Tiercy.. Didn't mean to delete my reply to you! You made my day though, so thank you! You're wonderful. Hope all is well with the Hadlocks. :)

  6. Beautiful post, Jess! I agree about Audrey Hepburn - she was an amazing lady! Love all the yellow here - it is so 'you'! Gorgeous photos - and naturally the rainstorms thing comes from your western Washington roots. I look forward to visiting your blog - no pressure though cause that takes the fun out - post when ya feel like it! Love ya! oxoxo