Friday, April 1, 2011

I could be in love with UVU.

So, we're down to less than a month left of the semester.. Finals week starts on the 25th! Yikes! Anyway, I've realized that I actually really love UVU. Love. So... If anyone is thinking about coming down here for school, seriously, just.. do it. It's great.
It's official! Changing my major to Community Health! I actually decided to change it a really long time ago but since I'm just finishing up my GE classes, it hasn't been a huge deal to change it on the school records..

Alright: Community Health. It's actually kind of crazy.. For such a long time, I thought I was pretty set on studying Dental Hygiene.. Then when I did Dental Assisting I realized I did NOT want to work on people's mouths all day, nor did I want to work in a dentist's office at all because I hate going to the dentist! So, I switched to Nutrition.. Definitely thought I was "for sure" on that one, too.. But.. With Nutrition, I'd have to go all the way through Chemistry.. Which I hate.. & I'm definitely INTERESTED in Nutrition, but I don't think I could ever say I'm passionate about it. Anyway, I didn't even realize what the Community Health major was until I talked to a girl at BYU who was just finishing up her degree in Public Health & she told me all about it.. & basically, I was hooked. It was exactly what I'd always wanted to do, I just never really realized there was a major for it.. I went home & did every bit of research I possibly could on it.. Then I realized it's a lot of what I did in Mexico while I was on the healthcare committee.. Which I absolutely loved.. DUH! Anyway, I'm proud to announce that I am changing my major for good! I'm really passionate about the whole idea of Community Health & even thinking about it gets me excited! ;)


Also, there is a Study Abroad program in Ghana for Community Health each summer for about a month.. If I could get a scholarship to cover the cost (or most of the cost), it would seriously be the best thing, ever. It's exactly what I want to do. I love the way things are finally coming together!

Okay, okay. One last thing.. I've decided to take summer classes. Before everybody freaks out (because who in the world wants to be in school all summer?!), let me explain! I'm going to take classes in blocks.. So, first block (May 9 - June 24) I'll only be in two classes, two days a week.. Second block (June 27 - August 12), I'll only be in one (or two, if I decide to) class, two days a week. Considering I will be working lots this summer, it'll be a way to keep me busy aside from work & I think I'll end up having a much more productive summer.. BUT.. It also doesn't take away from having a summer, because I'd only be in class on Tuesdays & Thursdays until 1:15. Everything else would be free. PLUS, I could most likely get a grant to pay for most, if not all, of my classes for the summer. & last but not least, taking classes this summer would mean finishing my GE classes & I could start studying things I actually WANT to study starting in the fall. Good idea? I think so.

Anyway, speaking of school.. I should be studying for my Biology test next week! Or making up assignments for Humanities! Or writing my English paper! Clearly, my priorities are in order.

xo. :)

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  1. Emilee was a Community Health major. She liked it and even worked at UVU after she graduated. Good luck with summer classes.

  2. i actually loved summer school!! it's so much more laid back & the town is always so quiet. you'll enjoy it! (well, as much as you can enjoy school).

    congrats on the change of major! that sounds PERFECT for you. and that study abroad program sounds amazing. do it do it do it.

  3. Wow! Jessica that sounds very cool! You have been headed in that general direction all along, it is just coming into focus for you. Sounds like you are encouraged & upbeat -- that is a good thing.
    Love ya! oxox

  4. I'm glad you love UVU, my husband is planning to transfer there this fall ...aka: we're movin to UT! ...This is a big deal! So, it's comforting to here it's such a great school:)