Thursday, April 7, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

So, thanks to Sydney of The Daybook, today is the first of many "Awkward & Awesome Thursdays" ... Here goes nothin':



- The way my nose looks 10 times too big for my face in this picture.

- Stepping onto the elevator at school with only one other person for five slow floors. If that wasn’t bad enough, saying “Hi” to him, and having said boy stare at me aaaaaall the way from the first floor to the fifth without saying a single word. Longest elevator-ride of my life, I kid you not.

- Walking from one end to the other of the “silent” floor of the crowded library with squeaky red shoes so everyone looks at me and THEN tripping so my bag made a big “THUD” as I sat down. Great.

- Waking up late, then proceeding to run out barefoot to Savannah’s car as she picked me up for school half-dressed, carrying my shoes, tangled necklaces, laptop-outside-of-case, and schoolbag down the rainy driveway…

- Getting home to find a strange man sleeping on our living room couch in the middle of the night with all the lights off and my roommates already in bed. ??

- Tonight’s Biology test. Not awkward. Just awful.


- Leaving my wallet in the Hall of Flags & finding out it was turned into the Lost & Found. Thank you, kind stranger!

- The reeeeeally comfy couches my tush is sitting on at the bookstore. I’m telling you… These babies are the BEST.

- Having Brandon bring me his hoodie because he knew I’d be cold (I’m ALWAYS cold). Maybe the boyfriend-bringing-the-girlfriend-a-hoodie thing is a little cliché, but maybe I don’t even care – It’s awesome.

- We are getting internet Saturday!!!!

- I just requested for like… 3829084 catalogs from some of my favorite stores to be sent to my house. Just because I like looking through them & I like getting mail. Win-win.

Also. Weatherman says it’s gonna be stormy this weekend… After I catch up on all my homework, I plan on cuddling up in my PJ’s for some hot cocoa & good ol’ fashioned movie night & doing practically nothing else.

xo. :)

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  1. Ok so did you ever find out who the strange man was sleeping on your couch?? Was he really a stranger or just a roommates friend?? creepy.

  2. Yeah - I wanna know that too. Ask Amy about the rules chart I made up for her & her room mates when she lived at Western WA U on Peabody Street. I could do one for you too?

  3. Don't worry, he was one of my roommates' friends and just needed a place to crash - we just didn't know! Ha ha!

  4. Loved it! Sydney didn't post an awkward/awesome Thursday post but I still got to read one! :)

  5. I love the get catalogs too. And then tearing out all the stuff I want to bookmark in my laptop.

  6. crreeeeeepy dudes on couches aren't cool, but i wanna know little lady, why you were getting home in the middle of the night? hmmmmm??

    your weekend plans sound amazing. no seriously, i'm jealous.

  7. I love your blog Jessica! Super fun to read...I can hear your voice and it makes me laugh. The idea of awesome/awkward is great, love it...may have to borrow it!

  8. you are totally the cutest thing ever!!! im officially your new follower!

    and p.s. my umbrella is from h&m ;)

  9. So happy someone nice found your wallet. That could have been a nasty situation. Cute blog.

  10. visiting from A&A.
    I do the same thing with catalogs! Glad there is someone else too that does that.