Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today's the day.

Good things have happened since my last post, guys. Good. things.


- Celebrating Brandon's birthday almost three weeks late. We're the best, ever.

- Soul Surfer with our sisters Bekah & Kenzie. Good movie. Go see it. Bring tissues.

- A&W Ice cream. Yum.

- Lots of Photoshoppin' awesomeness.

- Internet is officially in this household. Thank-freaking-goodness.

- Fixed my summer school schedule:
First Block - May 9 - June 24
Tuesday & Thursday
10:30 AM ... Intro to Environmental Management (Physical Science credit 1)
1:30 PM ... Intro to Music (Fine Arts credit)
Second Block - June 27 - August 12
Tuesday & Thursday
7:30 AM ... Intro to Geology (Physical Science credit 2)
10:30 AM ... Concepts of Stress Management (For my major - YAY!)

- And my Fall schedule (Registration is tomorrow!!):
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
8:00 AM ... Drugs, Behavior, & Society
9:00 AM ... Anatomy & Physiology
10:00 AM ... International Relations of the East Asia
11:00 AM ... First Aid (Monday/Wednesday only)
12:00 PM ... Race & Minority Relations
1:00 PM ... Human Sexuality

** Obviously, since I can't register until tomorrow, I may not be able to get into everything I want, so this schedule could definitely change. Also, seventeen credits is a LOT so I may decide to drop a class but I'd rather register for everything and then drop something, as opposed to not registering for something and trying to get in later.. Make sense? ;) Good.

- ALSO... I got a job today! A temporary one - Which is perfect.. I just need something to get by this next month before I get my car back & can get a real job that I actually want ;) So, until May 1-ish, I'll be working at the UVU Bookstore. Not too shabby, folks.

Anyway, I thought I'd just add this picture because I think it's hilarious. & look at this girl - She's just so dang cute, right?!


xo. :)

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  1. mmmm ice cream :p yummmyyy

    and yes, she is ADORABLE!